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Pure Silver (999.9) Ring (White or Dark Grey) - "That Which Is" Collection

Pure Silver (999.9) Ring (White or Dark Grey) - "That Which Is" Collection

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Experience the elegance of simplicity with this exquisite Pure Silver (999.9) Ring from the "That Which Is" Collection by Constantinos Kyriacou. Meticulously handmade with a deep respect for craftsmanship, this ring is designed without any soldering, ensuring the silver remains in its purest form. Available in two stunning finishes, white or dark grey (oxidized), this ring is a perfect addition to any collection and makes an exceptional gift for someone special.

Key Features:

  • Material: 100% Pure Silver (999+/1000)
  • Craftsmanship: Handmade with meticulous attention to detail
  • Design: No soldering, preserving the purity and integrity of the silver
  • Finish Options: Available in white or dark grey (oxidized)
  • Origin: Made in the EU

About the Collection:

"The wisdom of nature, of the universe, and everything inside, outside, and of what they consist, can only be improved by itself when it is time, and when circumstances are created by it. This ancient, yet marginalized knowledge penetrates our lives. It is what I have instinctively been led to reveal through this jewelry collection using pure materials and immersing my existence into the consciousness of universal geometry."

Detailed Description:

This Pure Silver (999.9) Ring showcases the impeccable craftsmanship of Constantinos Kyriacou. Each ring is handcrafted with precision, maintaining the highest standards of quality and purity. The absence of soldering ensures that the silver remains unaltered, reflecting the natural beauty and luster of the metal.

Designed as part of the "That Which Is" Collection, this ring embodies the essence of purity and simplicity, making it a timeless piece that complements any style. Choose between the classic white finish or the striking dark grey (oxidized) finish, each offering a unique aesthetic to suit your personal taste.

Why Choose This Ring?

The Pure Silver (999.9) Ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it is a symbol of purity and elegance. Its simple yet sophisticated design makes it a standout piece in any collection. Ideal for everyday wear or special occasions, this ring is a testament to the artistry and vision of Constantinos Kyriacou.

Special Requests:

For any special requests or customizations, please contact us. We are dedicated to meeting your unique preferences and ensuring that your piece is tailored to your desires.

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Enhance your jewelry collection with the Pure Silver (999.9) Ring from the "That Which Is" Collection by Constantinos Kyriacou. Its unique design, exceptional craftsmanship, and commitment to purity make it a cherished addition to any collection. Available in both white and dark grey (oxidized) finishes, this ring is a true symbol of timeless elegance and simplicity, perfect for anyone who appreciates fine jewelry.

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