Collection: PURE (2021-2022)

I have started experimenting with PURE silver and gold since 2018. Their energy’s purity was always fascinating to me. There was a rule though within the global community of goldsmiths: gold and silver could not be used for jewelry, in their absolute PURE form, because they are too soft. Of course I started experimenting on working with these metals in their PURE form. Well, There were some difficulties, I wouldn’t deny that!. Since 2020 I shifted into meditation and spiritual world, and I have started some research about the energy of these two pure metals. What I have found is, I think, shocking. This made me continue with my experiments until I finally found the techniques, to make jewellery with gold and silver in their ABSOLUTELY PURE FORM! I do not use solders, I do not use any alloys. My pieces of jewelry are made from PURE gold (24ct) and silver (999+/1000).  You can read more about the benefits and properties of pure metals here.