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Ring Pure Gold 24ct - 'That Which Is' Collection 1018

Ring Pure Gold 24ct - 'That Which Is' Collection 1018

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Handmade ring by Constantinos Kyriacou. It's beautifully crafted with a wonderful attention to detail without soldering, so the gold remains pure. It makes a fantastic addition to any collection, can be given as a gift to any special ring wearer in your life. 
  • 100% Pure Gold (24ct)
  • Handmade
  • No Soldering
  • Made in EU

About the Collection: 
"The wisdom of nature, of the universe and everything inside, outside, and of what they consist, can only be improved by itself, when it is time, and when circumstances are created by it. This ancient, yet marginalised knowledge penetrates “incognito” our lives. And it is what I have instinctively been led to reveal, through this jewellery collection using the pure materials and immersing my existence into the consciousness of universal geometry."

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