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18ct Gold Earrings - 'That Which Is' Collection by Constantinos Kyriacou

18ct Gold Earrings - 'That Which Is' Collection by Constantinos Kyriacou

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Discover the exceptional beauty and craftsmanship of the 18ct Gold Earrings from the 'That Which Is' Collection, designed and meticulously crafted by the renowned Constantinos Kyriacou in 2022. Inspired by universal geometry, these unique earrings embody the wisdom of nature and the universe, making them a perfect accessory for those who appreciate fine art and exquisite design.

Key Features:

  • Material: 18ct Gold, ensuring a luxurious and enduring quality.
  • Craftsmanship: Handmade with exceptional attention to detail, highlighting the artistry and skill of Constantinos Kyriacou.
  • Origin: Made in the EU, reflecting high standards of quality and craftsmanship.
  • Collection: Part of the 'That Which Is' Collection, inspired by universal geometry.

Detailed Description:

These 18ct Gold Earrings are a testament to Constantinos Kyriacou's mastery in jewelry design, created in 2022 as part of the 'That Which Is' Collection. The collection draws inspiration from the intricate patterns and harmonious proportions found in universal geometry, reflecting the ancient wisdom of nature and the universe.

Each pair of earrings is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a unique and stunning accessory that stands out. The earrings are made from 18ct gold, providing a luxurious feel and lasting quality. One of the unique aspects of these earrings is the absence of soldering, which maintains the purity and integrity of the design.

Designer's Inspiration:

"The wisdom of nature, of the universe and everything inside, outside, and of what they consist, can only be improved by itself, when it is time, and when circumstances are created by it. This ancient, yet marginalized knowledge penetrates 'incognito' into our lives. It is this profound wisdom that I have instinctively been led to reveal through this jewelry collection, using pure materials and immersing my existence into the consciousness of universal geometry."

Constantinos Kyriacou's inspiration behind the 'That Which Is' Collection reflects his deep connection to the natural world and the timeless principles of universal geometry. These earrings are not just pieces of jewelry; they are expressions of a deeper understanding of the harmony and balance inherent in all things.

Why Choose These Earrings?

The 18ct Gold Earrings from the 'That Which Is' Collection are perfect for those who appreciate unique and finely crafted jewelry. They offer a blend of artistic expression, luxury, and profound inspiration, making them a treasured addition to any jewelry collection. Ideal for discerning individuals who value both beauty and meaning in their accessories.

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Order the 18ct Gold Earrings from the 'That Which Is' Collection by Constantinos Kyriacou today and embrace the timeless elegance and profound inspiration of universal geometry. These stunning earrings are more than just accessories; they are symbols of the harmony and wisdom of the universe.

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