Collection: That Which Is (2023)

I have started my research about pure gold and pure silver benefits 7 years ago (2016), because I was feeling that the world and the universe must be approached by human perception as it seems to be. Before we humans interfere to “improve” it.

Since then, this research led me into several paths of conceiving the purity and the substance of “that which is”. Leading me to the study of Sacred Geometry, (or Universal Geometry). Which of course it is as it is, because otherwise it cannot be. The wisdom of nature, of the universe and everything inside, outside, and of what they consist, can only be improved by itself, when it is time, and when circumstances are created by it. This ancient, yet marginalised knowledge penetrates “incognito” our lives. And it is what I have instinctively been led to reveal, through this jewelry collection using the pure materials and immersing my existence into the consciousness of universal geometry. Until at the end I have realised that  everything in existence (including you and me), is defined by the consciousness itself, and that if we removed consciousness everything disappears.

This is a collection that tries to tune itself, the observer and the wearer with “that which is”.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath while wearing this piece of jewelry and connect to it. Tune with it and with “that”.

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(Constantinos Kyriacou 2023)

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