Fractal Moment. A journey Inward-Artist's Statement

Fractal Moment. A journey Inward-Artist's Statement

Fractal Moment




Who am I? 

An almost ironic question, the starting point of many journeys with the same destination. This question accompanies us just like Cavafy’s City. 


And in the end, I am what you are, and what that is…

And even if observation began from the inside out, in the end the only way to capture the question is through introspection.


By studying fractals, which are the concretisation of a quite simple mathematical equation—created by the erudite mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot—we understand that all things are forms-fractions of a larger similar form, which in turn is a fraction of an even larger similar form, and it goes on like this forever. The Mandelbrot set is now being accepted as the equation of the Universe, or the Thumbprint of God. 


Having understood that, and through observing nature, since nature is fractal (how could it not be…), there is only one way to comprehend everything around me—to comprehend myself by turning my gaze inward. And if I were to adopt a more philosophical approach, what is it that separates me from everything…, if not the Self? And by consequence, fear. And how can I become again One? 


A journey with thousands of questions and myriads of answers.


Always using materials in their purest form, 24-karat gold and 1000-fineness silver, to preserve their energy conductivity and healing properties in health and psychology, and following on my previous collection titled That Which Is, which revolves around universal geometry, the Fractal Moment collection focuses on the fractal nature of time, and of the events surrounding it. 


Many of us have lived on this planet long enough to understand the recurrence of world events. And the recurrence of events in our lives. And the recurrence of our thoughts at different times. Those moments, the fractal moments, are the gateways to the change we crave in our lives (with so much grumbling). Therein lies the opportunity for a small change, which, if extended in time, will create a big change. 


In those moments, it is helpful to already have grasped who we are, and more importantly, why we exist. And to have the tools to make a small change in our way of thinking. It is important to align ourselves with who we really are, with nature, with everything created “in wisdom” by universal consciousness. To exist in the same frequency as That. 


The Fractal Moment collection has been created based on the patterns of the shapes that water molecules take (the behavior of water—yet another huge mystery for science, according to Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto) under the influence of two specific frequencies: 432 Hz, the frequency at which the universe and our planet vibrate, also known as the "frequency of love", and 528 Hz, the frequency at which all living beings on our planet vibrate—plants, animals, humans. 


Fear defines each and every one of us. Let it not be. Just as there is no reason.



“Now that you’ve wasted your life here, in this small corner,

you’ve destroyed it everywhere in the world.”

C. P. Cavafy, translated by Edmund Keeley


This is what my favorite poet chose.



Constantinos Kyriacou

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