Constantinos Kyriacou and Yves Saint Laurent

Constantinos Kyriacou and Yves Saint Laurent

In Spring 1999 Constantinos Kyriacou, at the age of 27 years old, wanted with his designs to escape the borders of his country. With the help of a friend, Erotokritos arranged some appointments with 4 important fashion houses in Paris. Amongst them he had a meeting with YSL. He met there Loulou De La Falaise and presented his designs. Her reaction for cooperation between Yves Saint Laurent and Constantinos Kyriacou was immediate. At that time, 1999 the communication was done with fax messages. Below you can see some of the fax messages written by Loulou De La Falaise to Constantinos. (Using his nickname Kostas).


2 Sphere Gold plated silver bracelets in the pages of L' Oficiel Paris

L' Officiel Paris

Silver cube earrings

Vogue Paris

Sphere Bracelets and sphere ring shown in the pictures of Vogue Paris below


BOOK Moda Italy

Silver shepre earrings shoen in the pages of BOOK Moda Italy


Some of the fax messages from Loulou De La Falaise to Constantinos Kyriacou

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